Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello there all you beautiful people :) It's gotten to the point where my apologies for not posting often enough just seem I'll just promise to post when I can! 2011 has gotten off to a great start and I have been indulging in some great makeup/skincare purchases!! My sister once told me that drugstore makeup is like a gateway starts you off with a less expensive and innocuous seeming product which leads the way to more expensive and frequent purchases - she's a wise one :P Honestly though, nothing lifts my spirits like a MAC or Sephora haul...well, maybe shopping for shoes and bags...anyways, you get my point!

Lately I have been trying out a bunch of things, some old favorites and some completely new types of things. I'll use this post to give a brief overview of my beauty going-ons for the year to date. On a side note - some people go through phases, they are into one thing, lose interest, then move on to another obsession. I, on the other hand, keep adding to my list of obsessions. It started out with lip products, then I tacked on blushes, and now I have started adding perfumes to that list. Heaven help my bank account, I don't know how much more abuse it can take!! :P

- I am a huge fan of the Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss line and recently added a fifth gloss, Firecracker, to my collection (Nude Lustre, Pearl Plum, Pink Pop, Coral Reef). At first glance, it is a pretty orange-toned red gloss that goes on a bit more sheer than the other glosses I own in that collection. They are all either a little more thick and pigmented or milky. But, since I don't currently posses the confidence to rock a bold red lip, I am pretty pleased with it!
- I am obsessed with the movie Aisha and Sonam Kapoor's make-up throughout. She used L'Oreal products, and that inspired me to go check out the L'Oreal 6 Hr Infallible Lipgloss. I love her nude lip look and picked up Suede, a frosty, shimmery nude color. Very cute! Finally a neutral lip color that I can pull off :)
- CoverGirl Lash Exact Waterproof formula in Very Black is my current go to mascara! I loved the regular formula and this is even better. The wand is slighly curved to allow for better control and it just gives me that lovely bright-eyed look I love! My lashes appear longer and fuller, but not in a fake, over the top way.
- Finally picked up a few e.l.f. products, they were available at the Strawberry location near Grand Central and I was super excited! I got the e.l.f. makeup remover wipes and eye lash curler. Haven't really tried them out yet, but am looking forward to it!
- Revlon Matte Powder Blush in Blushing Berry, such a pretty rosey pink! Gives just the perfect hint of color to my cheeks for daily use.

High end:
- After having heard so so much about the Korres Lip Butters, I had to try one out for myself. I picked it up in the shade Wild Rose and it is the perfect berry shade. I layer it on top of Bath and Body Works' C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve and the combo leaves my lips soft, berry tinted, and rose-scented, love it!!
- In addition to getting my free gift of Gucci Flora (part of my Sephora perfume sampler), I decided to also pick up Vera Wang Princess. I find Flora to be a great nighttime or date fragrance, whereas I love spritzing Princess on a daily basis! I am currently on the hunt for my next perfume buy, I think it will be VS Very Sexy Now.
- I went a little MAC crazy recently, it is really too easy for me to get carried away in that store. I never have shoppers remorse though, the euphoria just lasts and lasts :) I got two MAC Kissable Lip Colors, Super and Temper Tantra, and highly recommend them for their texture and feel, super smooth like a gloss and very pigmented like a lipstick, really the best of both worlds. My only wish is that they weren't limited edition and that they had more shades! I also got a MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink. It is a great neutral pink shade and it feels great on the lips. I got the MAC Studio Sculpt concealer to address my severe lack of sleep issues - all self imposed of course :P I also was recommended to try the MAC Fast Response Eye Cream...lets see how that works! In continuing with my blush craze, I picked up MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches and MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul, both on the peachy, neutral side and they really give a super natural glow to my face. I did pick up one item from the Wonder Woman collection, the Utility Belt Face Brush Collection that comes with a mini foundation brush, blush/powder brush, and concealer brush. The gold bag and belt are cute too :) Super excited to have MAC brushes at a fraction of the cost!!

Okay, so wow...after writing it all down, dang, I've had a busy month and a half of shopping, huh? Don't judge, don't happens to the best of us! Did a bit of shoe shopping recently (am a recent heels convert), will probably post on that in the upcoming future. Also, be on the lookout for more in-depth reviews on some of these recent purchases!!

xoxo <3

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