Friday, October 15, 2010

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm Review

Now, I know that Revlon launched their Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm back at the beginning of the summer...but I only recently feel like I have used the product enough to be able to review it well. For those of you who haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet, read on. For all the rest of you who probably have tried it ages ago...well you keep reading too :P I put my own spin on this product for a fun look!

This really has been the summer of lip stains, what with Maybelline and CoverGirl also launching their own. I was really drawn to the Revlon one though. For one, I really like the spokesmodel, Jessica Biel, even though I know that is totally unrelated to the usefulness of the product, advertising works! But also, the 2 in 1 aspect really intrigued me. Having just gotten off of a lipstick purchasing high, I realized that in the summer reapplying lipstick is just a bore. Also, with the awful heat and humidity, I wanted something that was lightweight and not prone to melting in my makeup bag. Most of all, I wanted the just ate a cherry popsicle look! I am happy to say that with a few tweaks, I was able to achieve that look! I also think this shade will look just as lovely for the winter months as it was for the summer :)

I purchased the lip stain in Twilight, the color is pretty true to the packaging and comes on as a deep berry fuchsia on the lips (sorry I don't have any swatches, I couldn't get my camera to auto focus without flash). I am not really one for bright, bold colors, but this shade is really fun! I wouldn't personally wear it to a class or a casual event, but for a special occassion this stain would definitely be great! Since I was looking for a more toned down look, I decided to apply this product my own's how:

First, I lined my completely naked lips with the marker tip, being careful not to draw outside my natural lip line. Then, I filled in my lips and made sure that the product was well coated on, it should feel a bit tacky when you press your lips together. Then, I waited for about a minute and then washed my lips off in the sink, just enough to tone down the brightness. The end result - the cherry popsicle stain I'd been vying for! Even after washing it off a bit, the stain is still there, just a bit lighter and less bold. I then applied the lip balm and was on my way. Though I'm sure this is not how most people would wear this product, I really enjoy this look. 

- Marker tip makes application very easy!
- Product has a mild, fruity scent, but no real taste (good for lip product eaters like me!)
- When I washed off some of the stain, it lasted on my lips for a good 3-4 hours. Even through mealtimes!
- It is versatile, you can go for a bold or toned down look!
- Lip balm is nice and moisturizing, wish Revlon made it on it's own! 
- It can be removed with makeup remover, so you are not stuck with it til it fades away

- Stain does not appear the same on all parts of bottom lip was more responsive to the stain than my top lip. It was as if the marker did not work as well on my top lips...kind of odd!
- Application requires a precision to make sure you don't draw out of the lines
- Stain may fade unevenly over the course of the day...

Overall, I really like this product!  Next time, however, I may just try to find a more natural shade to save me some steps and to allow for a longer lasting time! Any recommendations?

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