Saturday, October 2, 2010

September Favorites

Happy October everyone :) I feel like I say it every year, but can you believe how fast this year is going by? Looking forward to watching the leaves change color, wearing layers and boots, and planning my Halloween costume!

Ok, back to the topic at are the products I found myself reaching for over and over in September:

1) Aveeno Nourish+ Volume Shampoo
I'm so happy to have found this shampoo, it really makes my hair shiny and full of body. Been using it for the past two months and it has yet to let me down! Check out my first impression here.

2) Johnson and Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
My skin has never felt better! It's soft and moisturized up until the moment I hit the shower, no more itchiness...what more can I ask for? Thanks to a nice deal on Amazon, I have really stocked up on this must-have! Check out my full review here.

3) Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Serum
This September was really strange...lots of super warm, humid days and then tons and tons of rain! Both types of weather wreak havoc on my hair. Now, while this isn't a miracle in a bottle, it really did help to tame my hair from extreme frizzy/poofiness...and for that, I have made it a daily staple. I apply a pea-sized amount to the ends while hair is both damp and dry. Check out my full review here.

4) MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
I just reviewed this product, but I had to include it here as well. School and work kept me pretty busy in September and that unfortunately meant sleep had to take a minor hit. Thanks to this concealer, I looked fresh and alert! 

5) CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara
This mascara is just awesome! It holds curl well, doesn't give me the spider eye look, and does indeed give me the volume I'm looking for. Now that I've started applying it sans my Jane clear mascara (I think the non-waterproof primer was a bad idea!), I have had no issues with application. Check out my review here.

6) MAC Capricious Lustre Finish Lipstick
This is a my lips but better (MLBB) lipstick for me! I just love the plummy, pink color. It's as moisturizing as a chapstick, which I can't really say about too many other lipsticks I own. Pictures to come soon :)

7) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coral Reef
Though the color of the tube seems a little shocking, this is a gorgeous milky coral gloss on! It isn't sticky at all and makes for a great spring/summer shade! I'm going to be sad to retire this guy for the fall and winter.

8) Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in Twilight
A wearable fushia stain that gives me the 'just finished a berry popsicle' look that I was going for! It's long-wearing and works great for those days when you just don't have the time to reapply. Full review to come soon!

I'm really looking forward to fall so I can bring out my darker lipsticks and give eye shadows a try! What products were your most popular for September? Share in the comments!


  1. I am still quite new to the make-up thing, so I can't say I reached for too much on that end (I even tried to avoid kajal). I did, however, reach for

    Oil of Olay's Quench body lotion (I love the smell & the texture)


    Bath and Body Works Jasmine Cherry Blossom body spray

    ^ Request! Could you review some of your favorite perfumes / body sprays?

    For a girl with a sensitive nose like mine, I like insight on light but pleasant smells.

  2. @Shipra: Funny you should mention perfumes, that's been my latest intrigue! Check out this video for some tips:
    I'll try to do a little research and get back to you about perfumes!!