Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chapped Lip Solutions!

Chapped lips, the bane of winter :( I have searched high and low, in several forums and drugstores, for chapsticks and lip balms before I found my favorites. A lot of trial and error was involved, not that I minded, chapsticks are the fun things I add to my purchase while waiting in line to pay (what? I embrace my shopaholic nature!) :P

Here are the top four products I keep in rotation. Depending on the situation, I may reach for one over the other.

Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm
Chapped lip severity: Little to none
This is a great chapstick to wear preventatively on a daily basis. I think I have about 2 or 3 tubes in different places (backpack, purse, vanity) so I am never too far from moisturized, honey-kissed lips! The consistency of the balm itself is dense and hard, so it may not feel good when applied on severely chapped lips. It would require rubbing the stick on your lips several times to really get a good coating on. 

Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment (DCT)
Chapped lip severity: Little to medium
DCT comes in a little tub and can be applied with your finger. For this reason, I like to keep this balm at home, it can get a little unsanitary when used on the go. A thin layer works really well to soothe mildly chapped lips. When applied in a thicker layer, however, the product tends to gunk up and make my lips feel prune-y, so watch out for that! I'd also like to note that this product has SPF 20, yay :)

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment
Chapped lip severity: Little to severe
This is my go to, all time favorite lip product. It is packaged like a hand cream, has the look of petroleum jelly, and really is a healing ointment! A little goes a long way and I find that applying Aquaphor before sleeping really helps to heal any cracked or chapped lip issues I may have. This also doubles as a great ointment for cracked or dry knuckles and hands (it is meant for skin in general). I always keep this bottle on hand, you never know when it can come in handy!!

Neosporin Lip Treatment (LT)
Chapped lip severity: Severe
I came across this product one winter when my lips were as rough as sandpaper and nothing else would help! I am throwing it in with my list of favorite chapsticks, but this is more of a medicated ointment. The directions for use indicate that it should only be used twice within a 24 hour period. LT really does provide relief to persistent chapped lips! I used this for 2 days and then was able to switch back to regular chapsticks to maintain the results. 

Did your go-to chapstick not make my list? Let me know! I am always interested in conducting more research :)


  1. The products you listed sound great, and I like the "Chapped lip severity" line. The only one of these that I've tried is the Blistex one, which, in addition to healing as you said, often has a lovely cocoa butter smell. Mmm!

    I'm surprised the original "ChapStick" didn't make this list. That generic brand is always on my list. About a year ago, I picked up a 12 pack of ChapStick sticks from Sam's Club that featured many different flavors - Original, Cherry (my old favorite), Spearmint, Blue Moisturizer, & Strawberry.

    My favorite these days is the spearmint flavor which adds a minty, fresh feel to the balm. When walking outside, the cold air emphasizes the minty feeling if my lips are exposed, which I like a lot.

    Another favorite, which I guess is not a lip "balm," is just plain old Vaseline. While chapsticks are good for the go, I always keep a big container of Vaseline in my bathroom at home to apply to my lips (and skin in general) before sleeping.

    I look forward to trying some of the other ones you mentioned and maintaining soft and healthy lips!

  2. I feel that putting Vaseline on my lips to be a little distasteful. ( the taste is nast!) The good old chapstick lip balm from 711 works esp well for sever chapped lips