Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TBS DeoDry Deodorant Review

A while back, I wrote a post about the potential risks associated with antiperspirants containing aluminum and parabens. Since then, I have been on the hunt for a fragrant and effective aluminum/paraben-free alternative. Thanks to the wonders of Groupon, I was able to try out The Body Shop with a $50 for $25 deal :) 

The Body Shop DeoDry Dry-Effect Deodorant line has three different scents, Chilled and Breezy, Fresh and Floral, and Cool and Zesty, in both stick and roll-on form. I liked Chilled and Breezy best. It's a fresh scent that reminds me of Juniper Breeze from Bath and Body Works. It would work well for both men and women!

According to TBS, this deodorant is...

- Best if you want to enjoy odor protection with our unique blend of volcanic minerals and refreshing essential oils with a cool, breezy scent. Contains no aluminum salts or parabens!       
 - Best for all skin types
How it works:
  • Minimizes white marks on clothing.
  • Community Trade aloe vera from Guatemala is renowned for its incredible soothing, hydrating and moisturizing properties — perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Community Trade alcohol is made from alcohol which comes from the organic sugar cane farmers of the CADO cooperative in Ecuador.
  • A unique volcanic mineral absorbs moisture to help keep you dry.

I purchased the Chilled and Breezy deodorant in stick form and it has a gel consistency. I personally prefer the more powdery stick deodorants because they feel more drying, but have yet to find an aluminum/paraben-free deodorant like that.

Here's my take on the product:

  • Nice scent which lingers for hours after application
  • Does not include aluminums and parabens!
  • Made of natural ingredients (volcanic material sounds so interesting!)
  • Have not had any issues with leaving white residue on clothing
  • Good for sensitive skin, has not caused any irritations to my sensitive underarms
  • Price: got it on sale for $4! That's not too far off from drugstore brand prices :)
  • As cool as volcanic material sounds, it does not keep me dry as TBS claims
  • Packaging promises 24 hour odor protection, did not always find this to be the case. Have had to reapply after 10-12 hours
  • Gel stick consistency leaves underarms feeling damp...not a great feeling!
Overall, I am pretty pleased with this product. I was not expecting this to perform any miracles, I know that I tend to perspire more than the average lady, so certain allowances were made ;) As a deodorant, it did perform quite well, however, I have been using it during winter in NYC. I wonder how this will hold up during the hot and humid summer months!?

I also believe that there is a certain transition period for your body to accommodate to  aluminum-free deodorants. When I first started using aluminum-free deodorants, I thought that they were completely ineffective, but after a few weeks, my body reconditioned...so that is something to consider.

Will I repurchase? Leaning towards yes (especially if on sale!). I like the scent and it is convenient to carry when traveling. 

Have you tried any note-worthy deodorants? Share in the comments below!!

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