Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fun with Hot Rollers

I was recently out shopping at Ross and, as usual, found myself pouring over their hair, makeup, and body section. I've been really into watching ItsJudyTime's Youtube videos and she does a lot of fun hair tutorials that involve hot rollers. The Remington Style Ionic Hot Rollers set was on sale for $7.99 (originally $20.99), so I thought it was a good time to try them out :) By the way, I highly recommend taking a look at stores like Ross, T.J.Maxx, and Marshalls for deals on face and hair products because they usually have major discounts!

This was my very first time using hot rollers, so I thought I'd document the experience! I am a fan of big hair and although my hair has quite a bit of volume and natural wave to it, I would love to have defined curls and even more volume :P 

Here is what my hair looks like after air drying...a little unruly, I know :P

I followed the heating instructions of the rollers and in the meantime went onto trusty Youtube to find a video that would guide me on how to put these rollers in. Here is what I found. It's a great video that walks you through the steps. 

Now, I must reiterate that this was my first time...I had a few issues. First off, I kept burning sister, who kindly "volunteered" to help me (lol!) didn't find the curlers to be as unbearably hot as I did...maybe I'm just weak :( My second major issue was my hair. I had just washed it that morning, so it was a little too smooth and slippery, giving me some problems while rolling. The other hair problem I had was my layers/bangs. All the different lengths made the top sections a little tricky. Here is how it came out:

I waited for about 20 minutes, busied myself with Angry Birds, soo addicting! Once the time had passed, I went and gave the curlers a final shot of heat with my blow dryer, then set it to cold air and cooled them off again (a Youtube tutorial recommended this). Making sure that all of my hair was cooled off, I started taking out the rollers (the fun part!!). 


I combed through my hair with my fingers to loosen the curls a bit, then I applied some hair oil to smooth out any frizzies. I didn't apply any product before because I am not a big fan of hair spray, though in the future I will try a heat protectant spray for sure. I also need to figure out how to position the curlers to give me a little more volume at the top...

For about 10 minutes of effort (and minor burns :P), I'm pretty pleased with the results! What do you think?

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  1. The curl looks beautiful.

    I know you said you don't like to use hair spray, but, I think, with all that work, if you just let the curl naturally unravel throughout the day, you don't get a chance to appreciate the curly effect for long enough.

    I haven't read up on it at all, but hair spray isn't THAT bad for your hair, is it?