Sunday, August 8, 2010

First Impression: Aveeno Nourish+ Care Collection

Happy August Readers! :) 

Today's Mini-Sample: Aveeno Active Naturals NOURISH+ Care Collection -- Volumize Shampoo and Conditioner (0.3 fl. oz. each)

Being a huge fan of Aveeno body moisturizer and facial scrub, I was quite interested in giving this product a try! Now, I'd like to be upfront and state that I normally do not use volumizing hair products, simply because I have big hair :P What I mean is that I have medium to thick hair that has a tendency to expand in humidity. But, since my hair is heavy, I sometimes find that I may lose volume at roots, especially when my layers need a trim. Anyways, I'll give you all my honest, first impression of this product and you can apply that to your own hair type.

Here is what Aveeno claims:
The NOURISH+ Hair Care Collection is "infused with Active Naturals Nourishing Wheat Complex, these formulas replenish lost moisture as they target the weakest part of hair, fortifying the hair shaft with protein where it needs it most." Also, that using these products, "nourishes damaged hair back to life in just 3 washes."

The collection includes products for 5 different purposes: 
1. Moisturize - "Drenches the driest hair with a fusion of gentle conditioners to give hair silky new life."
2. Revitalize - "Smoothes and helps repair everyday damage to hair, invigorating it with new life."
3. Volumize - "Adds body with a fusion of lightweight conditioners, giving hair lush, rich life."
4. Shine - "Illuminates the dullest hair, giving it shiny, vibrant life."
5. Condition (Leave-in treatment) - "Quenches the thirstiest hair with a fusion of deep conditioners and moisturizers, recharging it with healthy new life."

The packaging of the sample contained a lot of information about the hair care line and a $1 off coupon (yay!).

The 0.3 fl. oz. amount of both shampoo and conditioner were more than enough for my just below shoulder length hair. The smell was very nice and relaxing, not too fruity or sugary, more floral, which I prefer. The Volumize shampoo and conditioner are said to have nourishing wheat complex and blue lotus flower which "strengthens and adds body to fine or limp hair." Well...after blow drying and styling my hair as I normally do, I did notice a lot of body! It was not the fro-y, poofy kind either :) My hair felt very clean and was shiny. All in all, I was very pleased with the 'immediately after' results. The true test, in my opinion, is will my hair fall flat the day after? This product delivered there as well! The next day my hair was not flat, even though I pulled it up into a bun for most of the evening before and slept on it. I was able to quickly restyle my bangs and walk out with my hair fully of body and shine! I am currently on Day 2 after washing, and I still feel like my hair is pretty clean and only slightly oily...which is very normal for me. If I choose to, I could very easily skip washing today as well, this is a major plus in my book for those early mornings when I'm rushed to get ready for work and still want to look my best! Gives me more time to focus on getting my look together rather than blow drying and styling my hair!

First Impression Verdict: I am actually heading out to my corner Rite Aid to purchase the Volumize Shampoo after finishing this post, that's how much I like this product :) This shampoo really makes my hair look it's best and without too much effort on my part, which is just win-win for me!! I am going to stay away from the conditioner for the time being as I still have some conditioner that I'd like to finish up. 

Will update after the aforementioned "3 washes" to let you know how things went!

Have been using the shampoo for a little over a week now and must report that I have never received this many compliments on my hair from strangers before! Seriously...people have been telling me that my hair is full of body and shiny and I honestly give all the credit to this gem of a shampoo! In addition to the body and shine, it is also soft to the touch and not as frizzy. Definitely recommend Aveeno Nourish+ Volume Shampoo :)

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