Friday, July 30, 2010

July Favorites

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Summer is speeding on by, just like always, but this year I am not so upset about it. The massive humidity and heat that has been plaguing the Northeast has been very on again/off again and I, for one, am looking forward to Fall!

Now that July has come to an end, I thought I'd share with you, dear readers, the beauty products/fashion trends/skin care items that I have been the most into this month <3

1) Turquoise jewelry -- I am woman obsessed when it comes to turquoise accessories! I love pairing turquoise bracelets, earrings, or rings with neutral outfits. The stones add the perfect pop of color and have the added bonus of complementing tan Indian skin tones!

2) T-strap sandals -- This style really makes my wide-ish feet appear longer and leaner and, in my opinion, add a little class to all of my summer ensembles. My favorite pairs are wedges...I'm not a big fan of heels, they just hurt too much :( Put me in a 1-2" wedge heel though, and thats a completely different story ;)

3) Bold pedicures -- As I mentioned earlier this month, I have really been into bright, bold polishes for my piggies. Makes 'em feel so ready for summer! I'm currently sporting Essie's Chubby Cheeks, a bright coral-y orange color that I am in love with!

4) The smudged eyeliner look -- I love this look for night! I like to apply eyeliner, mostly to the outer half of my eye, and smudge, with either the pencil's built-in smudger or a Q-tip, inwards to give it a smoky look. I've been using teal, purple, and shades of brown.

5) Maybelline Dream Mouse concealer -- I cannot rave about this product enough! It really pulled through for me when my skin just was not in a cooperating mood!! Best part, it stood up to the high levels of humidity and heat, what more can I ask for? Click here for a full review.

6) Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash -- This oldie-but-goodie that is usually collecting dust in my medicine cabinet (knock-on-wood), got a lot of use this month and helped to clear up my blemish outbreak! 

7) Nivea Lip Care A Kiss of Flavor, Cherry Tinted Lip Care -- I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm a lazy girl! I will jump at any opportunity to get the benefits of two products in one, and this product does just that. It has all the moisturizing/conditioning properties of a lip balm (c'mon, its by Nivea after all!) while leaving you with a pretty reddish pout, reminiscent of one too many cherry popsicles.

8) L'Oreal Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lip Gloss in Peaches-n-Creme -- This is the perfect nude shade I've been searching for...the subtle peach gloss really goes great with my pigmented lips and brown skin :) The gloss smells nice, glides on smoothly, isn't sticky and lasts for a good amount of time. I may reapply once or twice over the course of a day...but it's a lip gloss and that's not a big deal for me at all! 

9) Side bangs -- About mid-July I got my hair cut...I went from mid-back length to just below my shoulders (not too crazy) and got my longer bangs (about chin length) cut a couple of inches to give me a fun fringe of side bangs! I rocked this look last summer and am loving it again this year. Though it may take me a couple more minutes to style my hair in the morning now, it's completely worth it...side bangs are a fun look that suit many face shapes :)

Let me know what your July favorites have been!!

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  1. I love Nivea Cherry lip balm myself.. It gives such a pretty color :D