Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mascaras! - A Combined Review

How can you not love the pink bristles?
Confession: I have very average eyelashes. They are not very long, not very voluminous, not very short, entirely forgettable! Now, I have two choices: a) do nothing or b) use one of the greatest inventions since the wheel, curling irons, $5 manicures, and hair claws...Mascara

Til date, I have tried 6 different types of drugstore mascaras (remember, I am new to the world of makeup). Here are my thoughts:

1) Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black - I bought this mascara because it was so highly reviewed in beauty and fashion magazines. Sadly, it didn't live up to the hype. This was my first mascara, so there is a chance of user error...but I wasn't too crazy about the formula. As much as I made sure to wiggle the synthetic bristle brush from roots to tip, I would get clumps galore and end up with scary spider lashes! 

2) CoverGirl LashExact in Very Black - I am on my 2nd tube of this and I just love it! The pink plastic-y bristles grab the product evenly to prevent clumping. This mascara really gives me a nice, jazzed up natural look, perfect for work or daytime. It separates my lashes really well and holds a curl, even though the formula isn't waterproof. It works even better when combined with #3 below.

3) Jane Fan Club Clear Curling Mascara in Crystal ClearI am crazy about this product because it works really great as a mascara primer! When I apply this first, my other mascaras glide on smoothly and don't clump as much. Also, it makes removal really easy! It feels really nice on my lashes, sorta like a conditioner. This is a daily staple for me :)

4) CoverGirl Professional Super Thick Lash in Very Black - This was meant to be my nighttime, bold, sexy mascara and while it wasn't terrible, it required just a little too much work to remain in my collection. I think I am just not skilled with the synthetic bristle brush, because this, too, was a very clumpy mascara for me. Only after really wiping the brush down on the insides of the tube could I get the look I was going for. Too much effort for va va va voom lashes!

5) Maybelline Last Stiletto in Very Black - As I've told you before...I'm a sucker for packaging! A mascara tube in the shape of a stiletto heel, how cute is that? Well...that's where the 'good' ends with this product, for me anyways.  It has an overwhelmingly bad chemical smell that I cannot ignore. The brush is oddly shaped, it's retangular and awkward. The best I could manage were awkward stuck together lashes that stuck straight out. 

6) CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof in Black - This is my very first waterproof mascara! When I first bought it, I was amazed and how well it could hold curl and how it didn't flake or budge at all all day. I've been using this for the past two months, so it may just be that the formula is getting old, but it has been a little stickier and more clump prone lately. It does give me the dramatic look I was going for though, so I will most likely repurchase!

There you have it! The next tube I buy will most likely be CoverGirl LashExact Waterproof. I've decided to steer clear of Maybelline for the time being, though I am open to any recommendations you all may have! What is your go-to mascara?

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