Sunday, September 19, 2010

EOS Shave Cream Review

Back in July, I gave you all my first impressions of EOS shave cream (link to post). Since then, I bought a bottle of the Lavender Jasmine scented shave cream from my local drugstore and gave it a whirl. Here are my thoughts:

EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream - Lavender Jasmine

This is a thick and creamy shave cream. The lavender jasmine scent is subtle and pleasant. While this cream was moisturizing enough for my sensitive underarms, over time I found that it did not impart enough moisture to my legs. The consistency of the cream left me more prone to dryness, nicks, and cuts. I think this is because the thick cream did not spread evenly and when exposed to water it would easily wash away (it's easier to for underarms to dodge water than legs!). For those of you who shave in the shower...this might not be the product for you. 

I also was not a huge fan of the bottle design. Now don't get me wrong, the plastic bottle idea is more rusty rings! However, halfway through the bottle, I had to really press the pump multiple times to get any product out. The 7 fl. oz. bottle barely lasted me a month. My 'old faithful' shaving cream, Barbasol with Soothing Aloe, is an 11 oz. bottle which normally lasts me up to 3 months. It is also much less expensive at $2-3/bottle at most drugstores. While Barbasol does not really feel moisturizing, it does provide the right amount of lubrication so that I don't cut myself.

Overall, I was disappointed that my great first impression did not hold true when I bought the full size bottle. If this were re-packaged in a squeeze bottle, it may be more worth the cost, but for now, I have decided to check out a new shaving cream: Trader Joe's Honey Mango Shave Cream with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Will post a review soon :)

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