Thursday, September 30, 2010

MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer Review

I purchased the MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer about two months ago with the express purpose of covering up my undereye circles. While I am still a fan of the Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer for covering up blemishes, I needed a light, easy-to-blend product to brighten up my face. I've been scheduling a lot more early morning consulting appointments these days, which has been giving me a chance to really try this concealer out! 

Here is what MAC Claims:
"A luxuriously blendable moisturizing concealer in a tube with built-in doe-foot applicator. Goes on exactly where you want it: blends in for a natural satin-smooth ultra-moisturized finish. Layers up for added coverage. Line-softening, skin-perfecting: The Pros’ “select” for under-eyes and delicate skin. Wide shade range provides soft, natural camouflage."

I really do agree with them! The doe foot applicator allows for easy application, though it may not be the most hygienic option. The makeup artist at MAC told me to make three dots of concealer, in a horizontal line under my eyes, and to then blend that in with my finger, no brush necessary! I blend from the inside corner of my eye to the outside end. The yellowish orange concealer blends in well to conceal any darkness and gives me a fresh, natural look. Since I am a minimalist, I asked if it was necessary to set this with a powder and she said that it can stand alone, how great is that? It leaves a slight dewy glow which I like and once dry, has been lasting me all day. Even throughout the humid weather that NYC has been experiencing lately, this product doesn't fade or budge! 

In addition to applying this concealer to my undereye area, I have also been applying it to blemishes. It does a great job neutralizing the redness without looking like I've caked makeup on my face! It is very easy to blend out with my finger and the shade really suits my skin tone.

Recently, I came across Peaches and Blush's blog post about MAC's foundation and concealer naming system and she really cleared up any confusions I had on the topic! NW means neutral warm and NC means neutral cool,  referring to warm or cool skin undertones. The shading system works according to the color wheel, so warm toned skin types would require NC foundations while cool toned skin types would require NW. When selecting concealer, it's important to see the undertone of the area being concealed. For the Select Moisturecover, I am an NW 35, which means that my undereye circles tend towards the cooler end of the spectrum and can be neutralized with a warm shade. All this color talk takes me back to 9th grade art it!

At the end of the day, removal is very easy. I have had zero issues removing the concealer with Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover. Nice to know that it stays put when you need it to and comes off easily when you want it to!

I highly recommend this product for someone who is looking for some light concealing, especially in the undereye area. It makes my look a bit more polished and professional, which is exactly what I was looking for :) I do not, however, think this product would suit the needs who needs lots of coverage as it is very lightweight and sheer.

I am already starting to plan my next MAC purchase! I really want to find a fun gloss for the fall and winter. There are so many glosses to choose from: Creamsheen, Lustre, Dazzle...I've really been into berry shades these days...any recommendations?! 


  1. I normally don't touch anything but eyeliner, but considering I will soon be entering professional school, I will definitely give this a try!

  2. @Shipra: Now's a good a time as any to start expanding your makeup collection :) Experimenting is fun!