Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mani Meets Blogging

Newbie (/n[y]oo'bee/)- n. someone who is new to a group, place, activity, etc. (

Hello everyone and welcome to Makeup Newbie's Blog!

During the past year, I have spent spending months and months watching and reading countless YouTube videos and blogs about skincare, makeup, fashion, and what can only be described as girl talk. I've finally decided to channel my obsessive energies into a blog of my own, see how original I am? :P

In the spirit of full disclosure, I would like to stress that I am truly a Makeup Newbie (see definition above). I don't own very many products and I don't proclaim to be a makeup expert or fashionista. Makeup and fashion are two fun hobbies of mine and I like to pursue them in my free time. My goal is to use this blog as a place to discuss/review products, talk about new trends, and bounce ideas off of other like-minded individuals.

I'd like to list my favorite blogs/vlogs that I follow weekly and really enjoy:
Check them out!

Til next time,
Mani :)

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