Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer Review

Finally...after reading review after review and perusing several face product aisles, I have found my concealer! No longer will I have to meet a client looking like I should be back in bed or spend hours before a special event agonizing over a blemish. No Siree, the new, "concealed" Mani is here folks!

Prior to buying the Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer, I had read some mixed reviews and didn't really know what to expect. My main concern was color matching. In the past, I have purchased some tinted moisturizers from drugstores did not suit my yellow-undertones. I have been using the Dream Mousse Concealer for the past month and a half and I am really happy to report that, not only does this concealer work with the undertone of my skin, but the Beige shade (Medium 0-2.5) matches me so well that I can wear it on its own! How great is that? I haven't fully warmed up to the idea of wearing foundation daily, but I am 100% on board with using this concealer to hide my imperfections!

While I have been using Dream Mousse Concealer for the last month, the past couple of weeks have provided me with the perfect storm of conditions to really test the ins and outs of this product: 
- Massive heat wave with high humidity levels (ick!)
- Five new blemishes that randomly showed up, all at the same time, in the same area :-( 
- Multiple work engagements that required face-to-face meetings (I tend work from home mostly)
- Lots of semi-formal events with friends
In short, the weather was awful, my face was extremely angry at me, and I had to look nice more than usual. I turned to Maybelline's Dream Mousse and it did, indeed, come to the rescue! 

I have been using a Q-tip to dot the concealer onto my face, partially for hygienic reasons and also because I have yet to invest in a concealer brush. Once it's on, I blend it in with my finger, this is also how Maybelline recommends the product be used for best results. During application and while blending, the concealer feels creamy, smooth, and airy. It doesn't feel greasy or slippery at all and after blending, the product dries to a powder finish on my face. I did not feel the need to use anything to set the concealer after application. This weekend, I wore this product for a minimum of eight hours per day and I did not experience any melting or fading at all. Quite to the contrary, my face remained perfectly concealed and the product did not budge until I washed my face before bed. Each morning, I noticed that my blemishes were healing and that no new irritations had formed. I used to have this idea that makeup increased the likelihood of breakouts, but this product seems to be clearing my skin up! I also like that the concealer is scent-free.

As of now, the only downside I have to report is that the packaging is unsanitary. Like I said earlier, however, I have gotten over that hump by using a fresh Q-tip each time I use the product. I am extremely thrilled that I have found a concealer to help me look more fresh-faced and professional! It truly is a "dream" come true :P

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