Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Razor Burn and Ingrown Hair Solution

As I have mentioned before, one of my main beauty concerns is preventing razor burn and ingrown hairs. As a single gal livin' on a budget, I cannot afford the luxury of frequent visits to the salon for waxing and am too skeptical to invest in a epilator. I've stuck to my good ole Gillette Venus razor for the greater part of the past decade, and, pending any major issues in the future, will probably continue to do so until the next "big thing" in women's razors. During the summer months, I shave about once in every two to three days, and this can really take a toll on my already dry skin! I am also prone to the dreaded ingrowns on my legs and underarms. Thanks to the wonderful feedback from the ladies posting on the MakeupAlley boards, I was directed to TendSkin. While shopping for TendSkin, I was also advised by an employee at Sephora to get the Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel to apply after TendSkin. Here are my thoughts on both:

Tend Skin Review:
I bought the Tend Skin Refillable Roll on from Sephora, It cost $17 for 2.5 oz. 
Positives -- I have been using this product for a little over a month and already have seen some great results! This is a pretty fast working product. I initially bought it because of painful red bumps in my bikini area. I used as advised, twice a day, and within a couple of days, the entire area was free and clear! I have also been using this on my legs, especially right after shaving, and though that is the time when it stings the most, it is also the time when TendSkin is the most effective! It helps to prevent future ingrowns because it works as an exfoliant! The area where this product has made the biggest impact, however, is my underarms. I have very sensitive underarms with ingrowns that aren't too pretty :( This product has been really making an impact! My underarms have much fewer red bumps, if any, and TendSkin has the added bonus of acting as a deodorant! How cool is that? This is most likely because of the alcohol content which helps with deterring bacteria formation. The roll-on applicator is really handy and allows for quick application without any waste.
Negatives -- I have been using these 2.5 oz since June and now I have about a pinky's width of product left. Though it is expensive, $17 every two months is not unreasonable. TendSkin is all about tough love...yes, it helps you get over those unsightly red bumps, but you gotta be able to handle a little stinging first. It is an alcohol-based product, so yes, it's gonna sting. Especially on freshly shaved skin! For this same reason, it also doesn't smell so great...but, in my opinion, small prices to pay for bump-free skin!!
Will I repurchase? -- Of course! Although this time, I going to go for the 16 oz. bottle and do some price shopping online.

Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel Review:
I also bought this from Sephora. It cost $23.50 for 5.07 oz. 
Positives -- According to the packaging, it is originally intended to provide relief for sunburn, but the Sephora employee advised me to use this gel on areas that I used TendSkin on to provide some cooling relief after the stinging pain! I was intrigued by this gel having yogurt as it's main ingredient. Growing up, my Mom told me about the cooling properties of dahi (yogurt) and its use in at home facials. I used a pump or two of the gel about 5 minutes after using TendSkin and it really helped to relieve the stinging! I also started using this at night to relieve the dry skin on my legs from lots of shaving and on my really helped in both areas! Yogurt Power to the Rescue :P 
Negatives -- Okay, this is also another expensive product...but I do think it might be worth it! The major downside of this gel, in my opinion, is the very short expiration date! I bought this product in late June and it expires in September!! I have been using it pretty regularly, but I don't think I'll finish it by September. Too bad it doesn't come in a smaller size! Another minor issue is that it can leave a slightly sticky sensation. I feel this way if I apply too much without moisturizing beforehand.  
Will I repurchase? -- Honestly, still on the fence about this one, but am leaning toward yes! It really provides me with skin irritation relief without being too greasy like a lotion can be. 

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  1. To avoid these bumps, you can moisturize the area you tweeze on to make the pores softer, making it easier for the hair to slip out.