Friday, July 2, 2010

40 Beauty Questions

Happy July Readers!! Summer is zipping by so quickly...sigh!

Found this fun tag today on From Me With Love's blog. Thought I'd give it a stab, here goes:

1) How many times do you wash your face daily? I rinse my face about twice daily, but when it comes to washing with a cleanser, probably only 2-3 times a week.
2) What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo) Combo. I tend to get oily around my t-zone, more so in the summer (ugh!)
3) What is your current facial wash? Original Noxema, love the smell of eucalyptus! I've been using this since I was a kid!
4) Do you exfoliate? Yep, about once weekly
5) What brand do you use? Face: Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub, Body: CVS Mild Exfoliating Body Wash & Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub, Lips: Michelle Phan's Lip Scrub
6) What moisturizer do you use? Face: Oil Of Olay Complete, Body: Aveeno Daily Moisturizer
7) Do you have freckles? Nope
8) Do you use eye cream? Yes, ROC...looking for a new one though
9) Do you or did you have acne prone skin? not really...I have a blemish once in a way though
10) Did you ever have to use Pro-activ? no

11) What foundation do you use? None right now...too lazy for that :P
12) How about concealer? Just started using Maybelline Dream Mousse (Beige Medium), liking it a lot! Also like Maybelline Coverstick (Deep Beige)
13) Do you know your undertone color? yep, warm-yellow, thanks to the nice lady at Sephora
14) What do you think of fake eyelashes? fun, but not something I'd use very often
15) Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months? yes, bummer! I never finish by then!
16) What brand of mascara do you use? CG Lash Exact, love it!! 
17) Sephora or MAC? Never been to MAC counter Sephora by default (though I do love it!)
18) Do you have a MAC Pro-card? nope
19) What makeup tools do you use in make up application? Mostly my fingers, qtip, Essence of Beauty Comb/Eyebrow & Eye Liner, smudgers on the backs of eyeliners :P
20) Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes? no, not big on shadows yet
21) For the face? no
22) What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)? Maybelline Chai Latte quad, so pretty :)
23) Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? Prefer pencil, loving Prestige Total Intensity Liner in Bold Brown and Powerful Purple & Soft Blend Kohl Liner in Lagoon.
24) How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? ouch, never!
25) What do you think of pigment eyeshadows? I like the way they look, prefer neutrals myself
26) Do you use mineral makeup? no..have a mineral eye pencil...don't care for it, very dry!
27) What is your favorite lipstick? Revlon ColorBurst in Soft Rose/Super Lustrous in Rum Raisin, love them both!!
28) How about lipgloss? Burt's Bee's Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss in Zesty Red
29) What is your favorite blush to use? don't use any at the moment
30) Do you buy your makeup on ebay? nope, mostly drugstore
31) Do you like drugstore makeup? yes! affordable and easily accessible, what's not to like?
32) Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets) not yet
33) Did you ever consider taking make-up classes? yes! but where?? I love the YT school of beauty for now :)
34) Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? of course, sometimes...but I'm getting better :)
35) Name a makeup crime that you hate? Dark lip liner and light lips...ew!
36) Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones? I like more natural makeup on myself
37) Which celebrity always has great make up? Blake Lively, Angelina Jolie, Aishwariya Rai, Rani Mukherjee
38) If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use? Lip balm or gloss
40) Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on? Yep, when I'm in a rush or feeling lazy, I often do!
41) Do you think you look good even without any makeup on? Sometimes...depends on how much sleep I got!
42) In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line? Don't know too many lines as yet, but I'd say Maybelline for now, had the best success with a variety of their products
43) What do you think of Makeup?? It's fun and addicting! :)

Hmm..that was a little over 40 :P Now, I tag anyone who would like to do these fun questions! You can post them on your blog or in the comments if you don't have one!

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