Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Post-Threading Irritation Fix

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Like most women, I have a monthly ritual of going to the salon for eyebrow threading and upper lip waxing/threading. If I'm feeling lazy (not uncommon for me), I forgo the eyebrow shaping and use an at-home facial wax kit (lately it's been Sally Hansen's Microwaveable Eyebrow, Face, and Lip Wax). After both scenarios, I end up with painful red bumps, usually one or two around my upper lip and brow area, but still this is one or two too many! At first I thought these were pimples, but thanks to the all-mighty internet, I now know that this irritation is most likely a reaction of my skin to the waxing/threading process or due to unhygienic conditions post-hair removal. 

This past weekend I went into the salon and decided to do things a little differently to avoid red bump-age, here is what I did:

1) The ladies at the salon would ask if I'd like for them to apply lotion after the threading/waxing is finished and, in the past, I would always say yes. Why is that a bad idea? The lotion they use could contain ingredients that clog pores, so it is always a good idea to pass on that! Lately, my salon has started offering aloe-vera gel instead, this product not only soothes irritation, but is also non-comodogenic! For a nice, comprehenisve list of non-comodogenic products, visit this site.

2) A few hours after the wax, when the effects of the aloe vera gel seemed to have worn off completely, I wiped my eyebrow and upper lip area with an alcohol wipe. I did this to ensure that my newly exfoliated skin was clean and germ-free. This part did sting, but only a little bit.

3) I refrained from using any soaps that evening, lest they irritate the area further. I focused my cleanser and makeup remover away from my brow and upper lip area. I made sure only to rinse those areas. 

4) Using a cotton ball, I applied Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil Skin and Scalp Treatment around my eyebrows and on my upper lip area. This product includes several types of oils, including tea tree oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, peanut oil, among other natural ingredients. Any diluted mixture of tea tree oil should do the trick, as tea tree oil has antiseptic properties! I made sure to use only a few drops on the cotton ball because this is a very slippery product and I didn't want to go to sleep with an oil slick on my face! 

I woke up the next morning refreshingly bump-free! This was a major moment because I normally see the bumps in less than 24 hours. The next night, I stuck to steps 3 and 4 and plan to for one or two more nights just to be on the safe side. 

Give these tips a try if you have been reacting similarly to threading/waxing and let me know how they workout for you!


  1. I was wondering why you chose to use an alcohol wipe. Alcohol is one of the fastest ways to cause your skin to dry out, at least I thought that. Am I wrong?

  2. I generally carry Biotique Chlorophyll gel with me and dab that on post threading. It stings a bit for a minute but I have *touchwood* never had any bumps ever after threading thanks to this :)

  3. @ hK: You are right, alcohol is drying. I actually wanted to disinfect my skin...I was out all day before and after visiting the salon. I could've replaced the wipes with soap and water, but as my skin was still feeling sore, I didn't want to risk any reaction with soap. I applied the oil shortly after using the wipes which acted as a moisturizer.

  4. @ Tanveer: I've never heard of the Chlorophyll gel, I'll do some research and see if they sell it in the US! Thanks for mentioning it :)

  5. I haven't tried doing threading as per my friends it is so itchy once you're done, so I never tried it before, but if I am going to try that I will book to Nboutique as some of my friends recommends it to me.

  6. Nice Post. I too had similar experience when i tried on my own at home.Later i started booking beauticians who offer home beauty services.